New beginnings (1st September 2015)

It is roughly a year ago that I very gingerly stepped into the waters of part time employment. Both my wife and I were utterly terrified at the prospect of losing two days of safe income.
Today I have ceased to be a science teacher, and make all of my income as a musician, furthermore, from this end of things it seems to be the best decision I have ever made.
A former science teaching colleague of mine and his wife have given me much inspiration over the last three years to make this step. They made a similar change about four years ago having become extremely disillusioned with teaching to the point of being unwell. He was thoroughly insistent that the most difficult part was to make the jump in the first place and that opportunities would arise for me. He was so right.
Fast forward to today and the pleasure it was for me to meet my new guitar teaching colleagues in Doncaster and astonishing to see the level of enthusiasm that they have for the ukulele. I suspected initially that I was employed as a ukelele specialist purely because none of the guitarists took the instrument seriously. It seems I couldn't have been further from the truth. They have all dipped their toes in the waters of teaching it and all say how much fun they have had doing it and how much the kids have enjoyed it too. All of them are very experienced guitar grades tutors and in spite of knowing that the ukulele does have a grades curriculum they were horrified at the prospect of teaching grades on the instrument, citing that it would ruin their enjoyment. That's good enough for me.
I will now be spending most of my week teaching uke and supplementing the hours with bits of writing, guitar teaching and wedding work. I can't wait to get stuck in. I'm sure I'll give another synopsis in 6 months time but contrary to last year, I am filled with less fear and more optimism for the future.
Cheers Doc Mosedale for giving me the courage to take things this far.