Week 2 of being a lay-about musician (16th September 2014)

I have so far resisted the temptations of wall to wall “Top – Gear” on Dave and have been hammering on with a couple of commissioned song writing projects. 

People often ask me how the process of getting a song commissioned works. So here’s the answer...

I have recently completed one from parents to their daughter /son in-law for their wedding, which, sadly I can’t show off until January, but it ran very smoothly. In the past I’ve written a song for a best man who wanted an alternative to a speech – the song went down really well with the wedding guests! I wrote another recently for a bride who wanted to remember her late father at her wedding. The possibilities are endless.

To get me started, send an outline of what the person / people in the song are about:

  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • How you know them
  • Any funny stories – This is really important as it can go on to make a song really special and personal to you. Just a few paragraphs will do.

If you want a certain style of music, this is where you let me know too. Once you’ve paid your deposit, I’ll make a start on your song.

I’ll write a draft of the song and e-mail to you an mp3 version of it, which you can change as you see fit.

On receipt of the outstanding payment, I will then give you a completed version of the song in a nicely presented CD box. Simple as that. I could even play live at the wedding too!

Unleash your creativity!

If you feel your inner artist chomping at the bit and fancy writing the words yourself, you could send your poems, lyrics, limericks haikus – ok the last one is impossible to write a flowing tune to but you get the point.

A recent customer in the States wanted to write an anniversary song for his wife. He supplied all the words, I did the music. Here is the result. 

Bizarrely, I find this more difficult than writing the words myself but it is nice for the writer / recipient to see their name on the work alongside the copyright symbol on the CD having been credited with the contribution.

Anyway, if you've got any questions, feel free to contact me.